Great Noise Ensemble believes in the power of music as a force for social change. We are an artist- led ensemble: composers and performers working together to build a sustainable platform for new music with an eye to fairness, equity, inclusion, and innovation.

Joan Reinthaler

The Washington Post

All three works, though quite different in style and intensity, are beautifully crafted, and under Bayolo’s sure leadership Friday, all three got the kind of focused, intelligent performances a composer dreams of.“

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim

The New York Times

But the star of Mr. Andriessen’s opera is the orchestra...where harp, bells and the airy voices of the Children’s Chorus of Washington floated in gleaming contrast to the dark timbres of hell.

Brett Abelman

Washington City Paper


This is modern composed music at its best; nimble, expressive, ear-turning and strange in an accessible way, highly virtuosic (7/4 time, anyone?) but never pretentious.