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Armando Bayolo, Artistic Director

I started Great Noise Ensemble in 2005 by placing an ad on Craig’s List. I expected to have maybe a couple of responses and enough interest to give a couple of concerts. Fifteen years later, here we are, evolving, changing, and growing.

When I was a student, I always planned on starting a new music group. Not only is it a lab for a composer to present their work, I also have always wanted to serve my community by providing an avenue for emerging composers to present their work, to champion neglected or under-performed music, and, frankly, to share music I thought was cool with people who might share my opinion if they got to hear it.

Great Noise has gone through a lot of changes since that first informational meeting in Adams Morgan in August, 2005. I’ve gotten a lot more gray hairs, and we have gone from a plucky startup, to a major force in the DC and Mid-Atlantic new music scene, and back again. I am excited for what is coming in our second decade and the music we will all be making together.

Great Noise Ensemble collects donations through our fiscal sponsor, Rhizome, DC

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